Thursday, September 10, 2009

Building more PCB's

I have been working on several PCB projects. This is one that has taken some time to perfect. These are 16mil traces, 12mil clearance for 1206 parts. The ground plane grid is 15mil on 30mil centers. DipTrace was use for layout. PCB production time from "pressing  print" to "finished PCB" was 18 minutes.

This is a SMD Crystal Oscillator Marker. I will use it for a 30m QRSS Band Edge Marker. My past "Ugly Style" construction version of the same circuit has been very stable, even without an oven or shielding.

For this board, my only reservation is;  I wished I had incorporated a push button on/off switch - I may have to redo this board.

It is almost time to load the parts, . . . or start again.  One nice thing about a cheap and easy process - "do overs" are easy. Maybe, too easy, I did not spend enough time thinking about the intended function(s).

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