Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Is In A Date

This year, Oct 10, 2010 is a special date, because one particular time on that date can be precisely (well, almost?) written as:

20101010 - 10:10:10.101010

This happens to be the date-and-time that the next release of Ubuntu 10.10 is planed. Normally, the releases follows a six month schedule, with the release sometime in the last half of the month. For this release, the schedule has been moved up to allow for this very special exact date-and-time for the release. The previous release 10.04, was in April 2010 - the tenth year and the forth month. 

For me, this date is also special, it would have been my Father's 89th Birthday (see previous post) - I will celibate it at 10:10 AM on Oct 10, 2010 - My dad would have like it that way. I am sure if he had been born 70 years later, he would have be a real First-class Ham Radio and Computer Geek.


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