Friday, August 13, 2010

Ensemble - A Recruitment Tool

I am impressed with "Softrock RX Ensemble Kit" !  -  It is a great tool for Amateur Radio Recruitment

I know this sounds like an advertisement (I get nothing, I am only a user), but I am EXCITED by what this could mean for kids!

If you have a friend, or a young adult, that likes computers and wants to get involved with Radio, and Shortwave Listening (SWL), the Ensemble Kit is a great start.

Computer controlled SWL from 1 to 30mHz (optimized for the Ham Bands)

All that is needed is:
  • The Ensemble Kit - $58
  • A Computer - ( it should have a reasonably good sound card)
  • A 9 or 12 Volt Battery
  • And an Antenna
I think most people will already have the computer.

Many, many years ago, my first good SWL Radio cost me about $600 (if I remember correctly), today, the above Kit provides much more flexibility and potentially holds more interest.

The only two down-sides are:
  • It is a "Kit", with some very small parts that requires some special soldering skills.
  • The Kits are only available when listed on Tony Parks web site,  his production runs are sold out fast, check the link often.
But what great fun it is -  to see a "lump of circuit board" on your desk, with only 4 connecting wires, while listening to QSOs around the world - That is the "magic" that starts a new recruit into a life long love of Ham Radio!


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