Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Advancements DLP to PCB

It looks like there has been some major advancements for Mark's Direct Laser Printer (DLP) to PCB for homebrew hobbyist. See my previous posts.

Most experiments attempting to laser print directly onto PCB material evolves modifying the printer (cutting and removing parts) to straighten the paper (or PCB) path through the printer. Also, this normally requires the toner fuser to be removed, because it often contains slight "S" turns which is normally used to maximize heat transfer. Stiff PCB material will not pass through without modifications. A different method of image "affixing" is necessary.

In general; Jim KI6MZ's modification to the "carrier" makes for better image prints onto the PCB by grounding. As before the image is very fragile and require simi-melting in a 400 deg oven to affix the image before etching.

And now, Jim has also found a way to affix the image WITHOUT heat!

Jim suggests that the image can be affixed by placing the PCB with image in a container of Acetone Vapors for about two minutes. Removing it gently, air drying and it is ready for etch .

This sounds too good to be true, I am going to have to try this !!

Links to the details and thread are here.
I will report my progress using this method.


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