Friday, January 14, 2011


I was one of the lucky ones.

The latest on-line FUNcube sale was to be held today, Friday 14, 2011 at exactly 20:00 UTC. As it turned out, all 100 available units were sold in about 90 seconds.

At 19:59:45 - I was ready:
  • My computer clock was calibrated and in sync with the on-line time standard
  • All unnecessary or extra windows and processes were removed from the computer
  • My Paypal account was up-to-date
  • The FUNcube "Buy It Now" page was on the screen
  • My Paypal password was in the "Cut Buffer"

At 20:00:03 - I pressed the "button".

The results was a sale logged at 20:00:09, and a Paypal email receipt from "Hanlincrest Ltd" created at 20:00:34 !

I am sure many more FUNcubes could have be sold, if they had been available.

The FUNcube is a VHF/UHF (64MHz to 1.7GHz) Dongle SDR Receiver, see:

Now, I just have to wait for the postal service.

- Follow the FUNcube Label Link below to follow ALL of my FUNcube adventures.



  1. Lucky you! I never was any good at working pileups!

  2. Julian,

    Fun stuff, It was fast, I was ready!


  3. Hi, beat you by 15 seconds, my transaction, number 0001, timed at 20:00:19

    Dennis G8IMN

  4. And just two seconds later, at 20:00:36, I got mine :-). BTW, Dennis, 0001 is shown in all transactions, as it is item number from a only one item seller list. So we don't yet know who was the fastest, hi!

    73 JOSE EB5AGV