Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ham Fest

I got up at 4:45AM today, to ready,  travel, and attend the Annual Mike and Key Ham Fest at Puyallup, near Seattle.

I just returned - it was great!

There was more stuff than could be viewed. The crowd was large, but we managed to get around to all of the tables.

Several of the local pQRP club members were seen, on one side of the tables or the other.

My purchased treasures include;
  • four each 90deg BNC connectors, 
  • six each 1/8th inch shaft knobs (for a audio adapter circuit that I am building),
  • and, an order for a new MFJ 269 from, at a very nice discounted show-price, with free shipping to my home.

I am normally a sucker for Large Variable Capacitors, but some how I managed to avoided temptation.

We watched one fellow buy a milk crate full of some very nice Variables for only $20.00

Many older Mike and Keys were available, the D104 was well represented.

The Show Queen was sitting on its own old original box.

It was a great day, now we just have to wait 354 more days for the next event.


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