Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mt Pilchuck Radio Trip

On Thursday, Bob - AD7BP, Tess and I went to the mountains to play with Radios. We drove up to my favorite place on Mt Pilchuck (at 2500') and set up our stations. The road was a bad as usual with large chuck holes and rocks, which helps keep traffic out of the area.

For Radios, Bob had his FT-817 and I had mine.
Station Setup
We set up the Shade or Rain shelter as the weather was uncertain, We then put up my 36' vertical. Bob strung up a long wire into the top of a small tree. He was ready and on the air within a few minutes.
Bob on PSK
The bands were quiet, but Bob snagged a nice PSK QSO and several other. I was not so lucky, but one local 6m contact. I did try my hand at SSB and CW on several bands.
Calling CQ
Bob's Longwire
As shown, Bob's long wire went from the tree top down to tuner on the table, and a short counterpoise laid out on the ground.
The Loop
Bob also tried his Loop, but I do not think he had much luck.

Two Rangers stopped by while patrolling the area. We had a nice chat, and they through Tess's Ball for her, which is always a real treat for her.
Tess - Waiting to play Ball
It was a good trip, I am ready to go again.


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