Monday, December 17, 2012

PCB Solder Jumpers - Cont'd

With the success of my previous PA-47 project, I feel like blogging again.

Previously, I proposed a Solder Jumper Pad Footprint for my future projects (see previous post). One of those was used on the PA-47 Amplifier. The manufacture did not have any problems creating the pads, as shown.
Solder Jumper - 0703

The overlapping hooks of the jumper pattern makes for easy filling with solder, and then with some Solder Wick, it was just as easy to re-open.

Solder Jumper - with Solder
I may need to create a larger jumper pad set for larger traces, as shown the traces between pads are 16 mils. For reference, the copper pour ground grid is made with 6 mil traces.

A Personal Note: This post is a milestone for me, it is my 100th post for the year, which is more than any previous year, and far more than I would have expected when I started in 2009.

I suggest everyone start a Blog. It is very enjoyable and you will meet and network with many interesting people. I would also suggest you encourage your kids to blog (ether privately or publicly) about topics that interest them. Kids with learning-disabilities should start ASAP, even if they only write one line of text each day - they WILL see progress. Because they will blog about topics of their interest, and because they are the expert of their activities, it will be an easy task. They may not be a potential Doogie Howsers, but blogging will help collect ones thoughts. In the TV show plot, Doogie was a great Blogger.

Actually, my blogs are not for me, not for you, nor any of my current readers, my blogs are for my Great-Great-Grand-Children - it is a way to communicate with them of my ideas, interests, and thoughts. I would have loved to have found letters (or blogs) written by my Grand Parents, or their Parents.   Sadly, I only know the names of six generations of Fathers, and very little else.

Do your part - Create a Blog!


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