Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small Signal RF Amp - Rev 03

Update added at end of post.

I corrected the layout of my Small Signal RF Amp as described in the previous post. This time I printed both the Front and Back side of the layout for use with the Toner Transfer Method.

This photo of the etched board was taken with back light, which shows good alignment with the front side hole images. Actually, only two holes will be drilled, they will be used to mount the power header.

View through the board via Back-Light
The Front of the Completed Board
The Back
Now for some performance tests.

But, for a quick test, I tried it as an input amplifier for a receiver, it passes signals, but more proper testing is needed. I am sure it will work best as an IF Amplifier.

Some Project Background

For a transfer, I normally use a modified laminator (modified to set higher temperature at 350F or 176C). But for this project I wanted to use the Clothes Iron method. My previous attempts to use the clothes iron were less than satisfactory, probable because I did not know what I was doing.  Now with more knowledge and understanding of what makes for a good transfer, the results speak for it self. It is all about; Board Preparation, the right Temperature, Time, Pressure and Transfer Media. I will go into the details in a future post.

UPDATE: Feb 2, 2014

I just noticed an "0" was missing from the date/time on the back side image, but then it was missing on the upper back-light image also, which became the finished board. It must have just not transferred - go figure?


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