Friday, June 13, 2014

Minima - Proposed Button Layout

My proposed Minima Transceiver button enabling software will assume the addition of six buttons (7 total) connected in parallel with the original FN button (btn1). The software will continue to evolve to include new functions based on these buttons.

The first two buttons (btn2-3) will be used to move the "Cursor" for tuning.

The rest of the buttons (btn4-7) will have definitions based on planned software additions which will include interactive menus, where "Up - Down" and "Left - Right" will have some implied meaning. The suggested "diamond" layout of buttons 4-7 is similar to consumer products with key pads.

I suggest button groups something like the following:
Proposed Button Layout
Of course, the actual layout is up subjective and up to you.

Actual button "labels" will be suggested as the software evolves.

I would also suggest you stay flexible, and plan your Front Panel Layout with replacement and changes in mind.

Also, I welcome other ideas for button use, layouts and menu strategies.


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