Saturday, July 25, 2009

More tries with PropNet

Today I re-calibrated my receiver for MEPT QRSS, WSPR, and PropNet, using WWV on 10mHz. The best way that I have to do this is to output 10mHz on my AIM-4170B Antenna Anylizer and zero beat WWV - there is a CAL function that make this easy. To receive the zero beat, I use the receiver connected to sound card and ARGO and Spectran. The zero beat can be seen at a higher tone frequency, which is much eaier to match than trying to zero beat the receiver alone.

Then QSY the the receiver close to 10.1386000 and set the AIM to 10.140000mHz, what I look for on ARGO is a 1300Hz tone, if necessary change the receiver so that ARGO sees a tone exactly 1300Hz - All is then calibrated.

At that same time, I also zero beat my handy 30m Band Edge Marker, so that i have a portable marker for later use. This crystal seem quite stable.

But alas, I still do not receive any PropNet spot from any other stations. I have reset the mic modulation control to a very low setting, hopping that I was not over-modulating.

I don't understand, I have done something right in the past as I have received some spots before - but not now!

More work to be done!

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