Thursday, July 23, 2009

My 30m Band Edge Marker or CW QRPP Transmitter

This is a little quick project that I cobbled together, and now, I have found it very useful to help find the 30m MEPT QRSS and WAPR band edge on the Receiver.

It is set to 10.140300mHz, which is the upper limit of the 30m WSPR band. I watch and check the frequency on FLDIGI will tunning the receiver to about 10.138700mHz. This received frequency provides an offset of 1300Hz for my QRSS Grabber (ARGO), 1400Hz offset for the WSPR programs and a 1700Hz offset for PropNet program.

All three programs run at the same time on one computer. Note sometimes WSPR and PropNet programs transmit at the same time, but that is no problem as they are using different tones.

All parts are mounted "Ugly Style", all parts are SMD except the; Cystal, Trimmer, Voltage Regulator, the Output Cap (the antenna) and the Key (switch).

At best guess, the power output is about 45uW.

This Oscillator is surprisingly stable.

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