Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ham Logging

With my FT-817ND radio I want to do a better job of Logging OSO's, I decided to explore the use of "on-line logging", the two potential methods that I found are:
I think HRDLOG requires Ham Radio Deluxe to be installed amd running to do the logging, while a normal web page form can be used with HAMLOG.

My goal is to find something that works with an obituary computer and/or my HTC Droid Phone. I have concidered Google Docs with a Form, but that would not have the additional nice web links to QRZ and other logs.

I need something that is more flexable than a special program would require - for now my main activity will be working with HAMLOG.

But, over the next few days, I will try them both (and any others that I find).

I now have a new TAB Link at the top of this blog, for my Online Ham Log.

With this radio, there is still a lot to be learned.

Dang!  I just noticed that is now running a Ham LogBook, with a web interface. But for others to see my log they have to "login", this will not be a problem for most Hams, but I don't see a way to publish excerpts (or the last few entries) of the log on this blog (or any other web page) - I need to do more research.

Reading the QRZ forums suggest that users are have difficulties with this LogBook, the free access has; limits on lookups, lost log entries, etc.

It looks like most of the problems with the QRZ LogBook is associated with not Subscribing to full service. I think I will continue to look elsewhere.


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  1. I will follow your findings with intrest. I want to have something that I can use both with Ubuntu, WinXp and my Android phone.

    Eric SA5BKE