Monday, December 6, 2010

Move Over SA612, for a Newcomer

There may be a newcomer on the direct conversion receiver block, check it out.

LTM9004 - 14-Bit Direct Conversion Receiver Subsystem
  • Integrated Dual 14-Bit, High-Speed ADC, Lowpass
  • Filter, Differential Gain Stages and I/Q Demodulator
  • Lowpass Filter for Each ADC Channel
  • RF Input Frequency Range: 0.8GHz to 2.7GHz
  • 50Ω Single-Ended RF and LO Ports
  • I/Q Gain Mismatch: 0.2dB Typical
  • I/Q Phase Mismatch: 1.5 Deg Typical

  • if we can only figure out how to use this at lower frequencies, 
  • if the price and availability is right, 
  • if we Homebrewers can figure out how to solder this thing


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