Sunday, April 10, 2011


For several years I have been wanting to print a copy of my complete blog with photos, in the natural chronological order (oldest post first).

When first investigating the possibility, it seemed difficult and/or expensive. Some available services will format and print a hard cover book if requested (eg, Blog2Print). Maybe someday I will use their services.

But, for now, I just need a simple hard copy.

Today I found "BlogBooker", which does the task online for Free (the service is supported by user donations). The results are good, even though some useful text formating was lost. For example, some blanks lines between paragraphs were lost. But, the results are very acceptable for my current use.

The output is a saved PDF.

This info is archived here for later use.

It appears Blog2Print can be used to print anyone's blog, while BlogBooker can only be used by the author.

Blog2Print only requires the Blog URL, and some optional formatting, binding, and time span parameters, to produce the output. Hardbound books are available, and for a much lesser price soft copy PDF are available.

BlogBooker requires access to an exported XML file of the Blog. I assuming only the author of the Blog has access to the required exported file.


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