Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Forgotten Useful Tool

I have recently been made aware of a great Smith Chart Program and Tutorials, thanks to Dennis Eckert - KB7ST and his post on the pQRP list reflector.

I have used a hand Smith Chart many years ago, and since forgot most of what I knew.

Program by 

The six tutorials are a good overview of the program, and a very good refresher of why I should be using it more often with my Homebrew projects. The Smith Chart Program is now going to be a constant companion, on the bench, for use in all projects.

Click the tutorials, see if you do not agree. Be sure to read the Primmer and the QRP Quarterly (pdf).

The Yahoo Group SimSmith Forum is at:

Thanks - Dennis for the pointer, and Thanks, Ward, for the Program and your Efforts!


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