Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DorkbotPDX PCBs

On a previous post, I reported the results of a test of PCB Manufacturing located in China, which is a very good value. My trial of ten 1x2 inch boards was $16.00 and a 22 days wait. That is, the boards cost me $1.60 each.

Recently I found local (US) company "DorkbotPDX" that combines many projects into a full manufacturing PCB panel, and then they send the panel to a Lab for production. The web page can be seen at:

Update: This manufacture has change their name to OSH Park

First DorkbotPDX Test

For a test, I used the next Revision of the same board used for the previous Production test. I am very impressed with the results. But, in my hast to make the lay up deadline, this Revision of my board did not have the right holes sizes for some of the parts (the results of a multitude of issues; with a new Software Revision and Part Foot Print problems). But, what the heck, . . . this was just a test.

The board is very nicely Gold plated, and as they state on their web page, "You can have any color of Solder Mask that you like, as long as it is Purple".

The price of $5.00 per square inch, which includes shipping and three copies. Once sent to the Lab, the production and shipping time is about 14 days. A collection of projects are combined onto a panel about one each week. Their lay up web site, and Phone App, reports panel lay up progress and shipping status.

For this test, these boards cost me $3.25 each, which is a little more expensive than before, but eight days faster.

The price and turn around time is great for small quantity of prototype boards.


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