Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project Support Parts

I just received new SMT parts from Mouser, these will be used as Support Parts in many of my small projects. These parts are not expensive, especially when they are purchased in bulk (i.e., 10 or 25 at a time).

As previously stated, my Ham Radio Goals, include; I continue to build projects with the smallest parts that I can find.

Project Support Parts

The Coin Cell Battery Holder will be used for low Voltage projects, currently I have an idea for a Key and Keyer that incorporates many published ideas.

The very small push button switch in the center will be used in place of much larger switches that I have previously used in my projects. This switch is about 1/4 of the size of previous used switches, which were more like the lower right switch. This new little switch has a nice snappy feel, it is very small but it provides an easy to press 1/8th inch button (which can not be see very well in the photo). This will become my switch of choice.

I purchased the two push button switches (lower-right) because they were similar to the salvaged switches that I had previously been using, each switch provides dual contacts for the single action. I may not use these much now that I have seen and like the new center switch. The lower-center button is typically seen on small CPU evaluation boards and used as a program set/reset. This switch is physically the smallest switch of the group in volume, but the center switch still has the smallest foot print.

The 1/8 inch stereo connector, photo left, will be used instead of salvaged connectors from old sound cards. This new connector is a bit longer than previously used, but it incorporates a switched element. It will be used for all audio input/output, and/or a CW key input.

The DPDT Switch on the center-right will be used as a mode switch on my beacon projects. It is small enough to easily incorporated into my micro beacons.

The 4 Gang SPST will be used for power ON/OFF and mode configurations for small projects.

Data Sheets and Price for these parts can be found on my Mouser Bulk Order 5/12 Project Cart.


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