Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shop Work, While E Projects on Hold

The last few weeks I have not had much time for Ham Radio, Computers or Electronic projects. My Son and I have been working on building/Installing/updating new infrastructure for my Shop.
  • Low Bay door was insulated
  • Water Heater and Pressure Tank were relocated
  • New High Volume Compressed Air will be installed
  • Power Lines to the Compressor were installed
  • Air line will be install to all areas of the Shop
  • Major Shop Tools will be wired  and placed
  • High Volume Saw Dust Vacuum System will be installed
  • Freeze Relocated
  • A small Force Air Heater will be install in the High Bay (only to remove the chill while occupied)
  • Install New Cabinets in Kitchen and Laundry
  • Close Air Leaks at Window Step

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