Saturday, November 5, 2011

Teensy Programming Shield - To FAB Shop

After a little rework on the previous circuit board, we got it working. The +5V trace was broken at the header pin. This type of problem is always a concern with Homebrew Double Sided Boards as they are not through hole plated, and therefore must be soldered on the pads of the two sides. The pad and connecting trace are very fragile.
As Designed and Sent to DorkBotPDX

To make the board more useful (and rugged) we decided to have it sent to my favorite fab shop; DorkBotPDX. The boards should be back (in less than 2 weeks) by Thanksgiving.

The Back Side
The board has been changed a little, as the fab shop can do useful things, that are avoided when doing HB PCB's.

The board is .7'' x 1.8" with 8 mil traces, 6 mil ground grid, and the text font is 3pt.

 I enjoy building very small projects!


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