Monday, February 20, 2012

Propeller Project Status - Update

Success, another major hurtle jumped for my multi-mode Prop (Propeller) Beacon GUI implementation. The Real Time Clock is working and providing scheduling for the Beacons.

As previously blogged, my goal was build (assemble) and configure the following (the current status shown):

UPDATE: I have updated the following to reflect current status. GUI is DONE  :-)
  • LCD Display
  •   - 100% DONE -

  • Audio Feedback (1/2 inch speaker, for beeps and squeaks)
  •   - 100% DONE - 

  • Real Time Clock
  •    - 100% DONE - and working! My WSPR Beacon is not ON schedule !! 
  •      The clock is spect'd at 5 ppm ( which is much better than the Prop ), I wished it had a 
  •      High Freq output port.

  • Two Rotary Encoders with Push Buttons
  •   - 100% DONE - Encoders and Buttons work very smooth and easy to use.

  • Several Generic LEDs (controlled via I2C)
  •   - 100% DONE - Two Red and two Blue, 0805 LED's mounted just below the Encoders

  • Maybe a Precision System Clock
  •   - 0% - I have some parts on order.

  • Provide native I2C control
  •   - 100% DONE - currently being used for control of RTC and I/O Expander to drive
  •     LED's,   more expanders can be added as necessary.

  • And, preserve at least 16 lines of direct I/O from the processor for add-on project control
  •   - 50% - Change of goal, only 8 data lines and I2C will be available for additions devices

UPDATE: A New Requirement

  • SD Card and File I/O
  • - 0% - Just Added

Due to Jeff's - KO7M programming efforts and his new Mores Keyer and Transmitter program,  I had to add two 3.5mm Jacks for a CW Key and Keyed Output Line, but actually, the ports are just data I/O lines available for what ever is needed. His Keyed / Transmitter is a fun little toy.

At this moment, I am watching the Display and Lights, while the Beacon runs WSPR, QRSS and OPERA in timed sequence (as necessary by WSPR). Next task is to hook it up the Low Pass Filter, the PA and the Antenna, . . . maybe soon.

This project has be a challenge, more due to my lack of knowledge or understanding of the Prop and the selected peripherals.

But, . . . It's all fun, with a Prop !!


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