Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Small Part Quest - Cont'd

Jeff - KO7M sent me a link to some nice 3.5mm stereo jack on eBay, 100 for only $20.99 and with free shipping. The PJ3065 jacks are surface mount with 5 leads; ground, tip-and-ring, and two internal switches.

3.5mm Surface Mount Stereo Jacks
Previously I found small jacks (6.2x11.5mm) for my projects, but due to size restraints internal switches are not possible with that footprint. The eBay jacks are a little bigger (9.5x12mm), but they do have the two switches.

I am always looking for smaller parts, for my continued project goal of; making my projects as small as my abilities allow.

A package of PJ3065 Jacks is now on order, and will be a nice addition to my parts box.


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