Monday, June 18, 2012

TCVCXO PCB Received from OshPark

I received my TCVCXO PCB back from (see previous post) This board with be used with the Parallax Propeller as a Crystal replacement. It is a Tiny board, only 0.365 x 0.650 inches (0.062 inch material). The PCB layout for this project was created using the DipTrace Schematic Capture and PCB Editor.

I attempted to take photos with the same origination as the previously posted 3D models (which proved to be more difficult than I thought :-) Here is the results. More "Light" is needed - I think I would like to build a "photo shoot light box" for taking future photos.

Top Side

Bottom Side

Now it is time to load and test this thing.

OK, now I am envious, I just read Dave Richards -AA7EE,  post of his gorgeous Photos of the Air Variable Capacitor. Thanks Dave, I learned a few things!

Dang! . . . I got the pin hole alignment wrong, I need to re-layout the board, again  :-(


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  1. Hi Eldon,

    How did you find the new ordering system for OSHPark? Is the quality the same as for the old system?

    Just the other day I put a new order in for a few 2-layer boards (Enigma Machine Rotors of all things) and I'll have to wait a few weeks to get them.