Friday, June 22, 2012

Part Quest

On some of my projects I have used a DS3231M Realtime Clock (RTC) which needs a voltages supply to maintain itself during equipment power down.
3012 Coin Cell Clip

The 3012 Coin Cell Clip is small, easy to install, and use.  The two small solder tabs are used to attach the clip to the PCB

The exposed clip is positive (+) and a user supplied pad on the PCB is negative (-).
DipTrace 3D

An example of usage and required negative pad can be seen on the DipTrace 3D layout.

The clip will hold a CR1632 3.3Volt Cell. Other clip sizes are available to fit other batteries.

Note: The included links are to Mouser pages, but other vendors may have the same part. Other sources can be found via FindChips. I am not associated with Mouser, I am just a happy user.


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