Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Part Quest

Crystal Pin Sockets
Several days ago, I received my order for Crystal Pin Sockets (see previous post) and have not had time to use them yet. I have been busy working on some projects, and trying to get ready for Salmoncon.

The smaller Crystal Pin Sockets will be used in Propeller Projects, Homebrew PCB Projects, and the larger (longer) ones will be used in Manhattan and Ugly Style Projects. The 2-Pin Header and the single Machined Pin/Post are shown for scale. The crystal leads will be cut to length as necessary for the project.

The Stash
These are by far the smallest mechanical devices in my bag of project parts. And, they are probably the most expensive per weight, at $0.20 each they are several times the price of GOLD. But, . . I only need a few :-)

The first photos shows several styles and sizes that I have obtained. The smaller ones are the style that I had in mind for my initial Part Quest, they fit into 1mm plated holes, and do not protrude much beyond on the backside of the PCB. Others were some initial trial parts.


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  1. The best, and cheapest crystal sockets are probably on your bench already. Just take an IC socket (one of the ones with round holes, not the rectangular ones) and cut the plastic from around them. An eight pin socket yields the pins for four crystals.