Monday, September 17, 2012

Curiosity's First Major Rock Photos

On Sol0038 Curiosity took the first photo of a major rock along its path. Although, it may be just a layer of hard crusted dirt.
Curiosity's First Major Rock
From this and previous photos, it appears the Curiosity has been climbing up a very slight slope, with a some distance to go to the crest.

On Sol0040 it appears that Curiosity has almost made it to the the crest of the rise and then it will be going down hill for a while.
Near the Crest of the Rise
On the way to Mount Sharp
The slope of the land is not real apparent in the individual 2D images, only in 3D is it obvious.

Disclaimer: Raw Curiosity photos are available from the NASA web site,  Cross-Eyed Images above were constructed by Eldon Brown, with Image-Magick.


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