Friday, October 12, 2012

Litter Photographed on Mars

Sixty five days after landing, "Litter" was photographed on Mars.

The Litter appears to be a plastic tape fragment. Curosity's arm hand camera took the following close-up photo.

Litter found on Mars
The JPL crew is trying to determine the litter's origin. They are assuming it fell off of Curosity, and wondering "how or if " system integrity has been compromise. Read the full story here or see a video (mov) here.

It would be interesting to know if it was dropped here by Curosity, or debris scattered here as part of the Landing 65 days ago.

My questions are:
  • Did they bring a Trash Sack to collect their own Litter?
  • Do they plan to attempt retrieving the Litter?
  • How long do they think plastic will last on Mars?
Remember on Earth, the rule is:
Pack it in - Pack it out!

Ham Radio

I will get back to "Ham Radio Blogging" soon, I have several projects in the works, two PCB's being manufactured, and currently having fun attempting to gennerating PSK31 with the Prop.


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