Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Abandoned Nvidia for My Ham Station Computers

I use Ubuntu on my Ham Shack Computers, and have recently installed the new revision 12.04. All of my Ham Applications seem to work much better with this new release, the sound system seems to work predictably and correctly.

But, I gave up on graphics, after several days of frustration trying to get my Nvidia G7000 Graphics Card to work in the 3D mode on Ubuntu (see previous post).

I decided to try to replace the "Nvidia Graphics Card" with my Son's discarded and dying "ATI Radeon HD 5450" graphics card. A little repair of the card's fan and a little micro surgery was necessary to bring the "ATI Radeon" roaring back to life.

I installed the repaired ATI Radeon card, rebooted and it worked as expected in 2D mode. I then installed the suggested Drivers, and rebooted, - it just worked!  -  No hassle nor pain, Ubuntu graphics now runs in the 3D mode!

After much research, I found that; due to lack of manufactures supported or open drivers, the Nvidia Cards are not well supported for use with Ubuntu. For my other system upgrades, I am going to abandon Nvidia in favor of ATI.

I really like the new 3D Graphics menus and workspaces!

Note: The menus do not actually appear in 3D, but Ubuntu does use the graphics card's 3D processor to quickly and dynamically display the menus and workspaces. In 2D mode, some functionality is not available.


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