Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Self Photo from Mars - at 41.5M Pixels

OK, this is another Curiosity photo, But,  it is an Absolutely Amazing High Resolution Self Photo taken on Mars.

This photo was stitch together from many smaller photos. The Detail is stunning at 5463 x 7595 pixels that is a 41.5M pixel image !!

Go to the link, it may take a while to download, but zoom in and pan around to see the high resolution details !

For Ham Radio QRP, Hardware, and Robotic Geeks - it does not get better than this !

Thanks JPL and NASA !!

Now we need someone to explain all of the devices on the Rover, like:

  • What is that waveguide driven vertical antenna on the back left-side of the rover (upper right in the photo)?
  • What are thosee funnel shaped cones on the front? Are those small linear actuators used for positioning?
  • What is that Large Grey Cross bar on the Top?

And, maybe someone will make a Trimble (Google) Sketchup of the Rover ?


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