Saturday, November 24, 2012

PCB Solder Jumpers

I have received some good feedback on Patterns for PCB Solder Jumper (see previous posts).

Experiments with very small 0201 size foot prints were NOT as successful as I would like. The small 0201 pads would not hold enough solder to allow proper bridging of the gap between pads. A usable bridge could only be made with very dry slaggy solder.

I am trying the new Solder Jumper Pattern as I suggest in the previous post. Here are the proposed dimensions, the folded pads should help hold the solder and aid in bridge creation. Or, at least that is the plan.
Overall size is 72 x 32 mils (0703)
Dimension Values Shown are Mils
The trace connection is a point within the thicker section on each end. Finding the method of creating that point was via trial and error. Diptrace uses the first created pattern point as the attachment point, I had to artificially bury the point inside of the pad to make trace connections easy.

The PCB Manufactures that I use, and my own Homebrew PCB processing, should be able to create the pattern without difficulty.

I have recently sent a small board off to Manufacturing with one of these new Solder Jumpers ,  Soon, I will report the results.


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