Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Online Password Management Solution

In the past

Managing my Online Account Passwords has been a time consuming tedious task. For the last few years I have tried many methods, and recently used a simple spread sheet, which was only available on one of my shop computes.

Because of fear of loss, exposure and/or theft, I have always typed my passwords into the spread sheet in simple (and crude) obscure format, that only I could mentally decipher (maybe).

Yet, I have always been concerned and nervous about password theft.

But Now

I have recently found "" which is an APP for my Android Cell Phone. it provides true AES/CBC "high level security" for my online Account Passwords. And, an emergency encrypted backup file can be created. For safe keeping, I copy the encrypted backup file to DropBox (a free cloud service). Because the backup is encrypted with a 256 bit encryption key, the data is safe on an un-encrypted online storage service, they claim it would take millions of years to crack the file.  For additional security, I use several files that are known as a HoneyPots.

With the DropBox phone APP, I can copy to the cloud the encrypted backup (of the password data) with a simple push of a few buttons. The backup file is then available on all of my connected DropBox computers. DropBox also has an Archiving Function that allows you to reclaim; deleted, lost, or previous versions of the files (within 30 days).

This is completely SAFE, I trust it even for my Banking passwords. If I lose my phone, the data can not be viewed without a "master pass code" (which is stored internally with the same encryption level). If you are still really concerned, you can elect to NOT make copies and/or optionally set up the aWallet pass code to "auto destruct" the Encrypted Password files if too may unlock attempts are tried.

If I buy a new phone, the DropBox copy of the encrypted file can be downloaded to the new phone and therefore used the same as before.

Note: as with any encrypted storage it is only as good as the secrecy of the "master pass code", make it unique from ALL other passwords, and ONLY known to you!

BTW: if you do not use DropBox - you SHOULD!

Dropbox is useful for many things, more than I can relate here (I use Dropbox for all of my projects reported on this blog). When you join, you get 2GB of VERY easy to use Cloud Storage space for FREE. Ask me for a DropBox Invitation, we each will get an additional free 500MB of DropBox storage space. If you install from the web without a friendly invitation, you will NOT get the additional free space. Send your request to my e-mail address as shown on my page. with subject: "DropBox Invitation". Encourage your friends to join DropBox and you and they will each receive additional 500MB of free space.

Besides, where else would you store all of your Ham Radio Online Passwords, for; QRZ, ARRL,, etc, etc!

I am now a, very calm, Online Password - Happy Camper !


The new version of aWallet is available, aWallet-Cloud automatically does an encrypted backup to your Cloud server.


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