Thursday, January 31, 2013

PA47 Now Ready for On The Air Tests

Thus far I have NOT connected my PA47 Amplifier to an antenna, because I was not sure of it output harmonic content (see previous posts).

Last night at our monthly P&C group meeting, Wayne - NB6M presented a demonstration of his new DSA815 Rigol Spectrum Analyzer with one of his oscillators and the effects of a output filter devices. His filter completely eliminated (down into the noise floor) any harmonic content.

As a second example and demonstration, I provided the PA47 Amplifier and a LowPass filter. A 50 Ohm load and 40db tap was used to reduce the input to the Analyzer. Actually, both the 1 Watt and the 15 Watt versions of the PA47 were checked, the results were about the same.
The 1 Watt and 15 Watt Version of PA47
The output filter that I used, is a simple Chebyshev 5 Pole Filter (as previously posted).

30m LowPass Filter as Designed with LtSpice
The filter was originally designed via an Online Filter Design program, and then available multiple 330pF 1206 SMD caps were used to obtain the nearest values, 3 caps for each end, and 4 for the center. The cores were wound as necessary by measuring the results on an AADE LC meter.

30m LowPass Filter as Implemented
The Results

Wayne declared the PA47 fit for Amateur Radio Service. The second harmonic was down 51db and the third was down 67db from the fundamental.
PA47 Connected to
DSA815 Rigol Spectrum Analyzer
I will soon connect the 1 Watt version of the PA47 to an Antenna, and use if for QRSS Beacon Service on 10.140050MHz (+-50).


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