Sunday, April 12, 2015

Esp8266 With 0.1 Inch Header

In preparation for programming my Esp8266 and the Internet of Things (IoT), I have installed a 0.1 inch header. The connector pad on the Esp8266 are 2mm and therefore a lot of lead bending was necessary.

I think this was my first soldering project that required full 15X Microscope magnification. The Esp8266-Esp11 board is much smaller than implied from the ebay photos (a previous post). The on-line diagrams and documentation are correct, but in your hand it is very small.

Esp8266-Esp11 with
0.1 Inch Header Installed
I have on order the programming interface, which should be received soon. I will use the Esp8266 with the installed header for use on Protoboards, actual projects will use direct solder to matting "Castellated Pads" on custom PCB's.
Esp8266-Esp11 Pin Layout

For my later reference, I have included the pin diagram.

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