Friday, August 21, 2015

More Esp8266 Web Server Farm

I have my Experimental Esp8266 Web Server Farm up and running (see photo on original post), for your continued review, it is even faster, and will support many more browse connections.

With "AutoUpdate" set to 60 seconds, I have had as many as 25 browser tabs connected to one of my Esp servers. It normally eventually fails, that is, when more than 4 connections are requesting updates simultaneously. But it was fun to watch the mayhem. Sometimes the ESP even recovers on its own.

I have now included a "Visitor Map", so I can see where connections are coming from, see below.

There are three Esp8266's in this "farm", all using the identical source code. And because of that; the displayed Visitor Map will appear Identical on each, that is because they all contain the same "map registration key" which is used by

As indicated on a previous post, access to my farm is via a generic IPA:Port connection, which is:, which I had previously changed in my router as necessary to externally connect to a particular Esp (local IPA:80).

For the other devices in my Esp Farm (and bench), use PORT: 8162, 8168, 8169 and/or 8172 (note: one of these will also be also connected to the generic 8160 port). Note: one or more may not be working at any point in time, try one of the others.

With only my local tests and a little WIFI activity, so far the small and simple power supply has survived, and actually worked well. I may need to add "more power" with more concurrent user accesses.

An Interesting Idea: If other Esp Programmers with similar Experimental Public Accessible Esp Servers include the same "map registration key" (a short line line of Html code) we could create a "pseudo reverse beacon" that would display to the "world" our intense shared interest in the Esp. On each configured Esp Web Servers, the "Visitor Map" will display all web connections to our "Esp Web Collective". How fun is that!!??

Let me know if you are interested, I will share details (or you can extract the keys from my Esp web Home Page source list).

It's all fun, . . . with the ESP's !!! :-)

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