Friday, January 22, 2016

The New Largest Prime Number Found

Added Details and Links

Recently (Jan 7. 2016) the next and Largest Prime Number has be found (so far), it has about 22 Million Digits long, See, YouTube at:

The number can be expressed as a small-simple math function, that is: "2^74207281-1"

The previous Large Prime Number (17 Million Digits) was found about 3 years ago on Jan 25, 2013, see:

Hopefully, and if history hold true, we will see the next Largest Prime sometime within the next 3 to 5 years.

Just for fun, I decided to see how long it would take my 3.4GHz Workstation to perform the calculation and print the full 22 Million Digits to the screen - it took about 154 minutes - it was like watching paint dry.  :-)

Note: To verify that it "is actually prime" would probably take several months (or more actually several years) on my computer.

Here is the linux command that I used to print this New Prime, and a few of the Beginning and Ending Digits of the results:

$ time echo "2^74207281-1" | bc

 .  ( 22 Million More Digits )


real 153m50.931s
user 92m34.588s
sys 0m13.496s

Note: To capture the number on the screen, a large display buffer of more than 22 Meg Bytes (of RAM) was necessary.

I need to check with YouTube and/or Numberphile to see if my calculated number is correct  :-)

My computer is current checking four large numbers to see if they are Prime, this consumes about 100% of the Quad Core CPU, but it runs at a very low priority so it does not effect my use of the computer. Each is expected to finish at different times, Below shows the number being tested, and number of days until I should have the results:
As you may have expected, . . . I am a fan of Very Large Numbers !

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