Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Web Server Location

For the last pasted year, I used my home Web Server for posting my QRSS Grabber images. The problem is, my home Web Server is on my side of my Satellite Internet connection - and therefore it is very slow for other web user - it was so slow that it is/was unreliable.

This weekend I moved the Web Server to a new location, with better access to the Internet. The one slite problem, is that the system will be using a Dynamic IP Address, but that should not be a real problem as I will be using "" for serving my systems IP address.

The OLD grabber address was:

My NEW grabber will be at:

I think my ISP provider blocks the default web port :80 for my address - therefore my grabber will be on port :8080, which should not be a problem as most people use bookmarks or links and do not type URL's that much.  Now normal port :80 should work.

Currently only my base grabber page is installed on the server. Now all I have to do is figure out the best way to transfer my home based receiver grabber images to this new server.

I have considered moving my SA602 Direct Conversion 30m receiver to the server location, so that image transfer would not be a problem. This would also allow me to transmit from my home QTH on 30m without overloading the grabber receiver.

While typing this post, this PM, I noticed that my new grabber URL is not working!! Dang, I will have to check it out this next AM.

I hope this server move was not a mistake.

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