Friday, February 4, 2011

FUNcube - Fun

I got my FUNcube working with MS Windows XP using WRplus and Firmware 18f.

Now, changing the received frequency is a simple flick of the mouse wheel, while the cursor hovers over one of the LO frequency digits.

So now - the FUN begins!

The first test was to listen to the local 2m Repeater on 146.82MHz, and then the obligatory 162.55MHz NOAA Weather Station. For each the FUNcube reported the frequency was off by about 6kHz - which suggests that I need to Calibrate the FUNcube LO - just as soon as I figure out how with the new control interface?

I found the following Band Plan Chart useful while using the FUNcube.

With the wide receive frequency range (64 - 1700MHz) of the FUNcube you need a "Program" listing. I plan to collect detailed frequency listing as they are found.

Jeff - KO7M, found this interesting Frequency Reference List for authorities and agencies around the country, it includes the Trunking Frequency Lists.

I understand the WRplus is no longer available for Free, and older copies have now expired and no longer work.

- Follow the FUNcube Label Link below to follow ALL of my FUNcube adventures.


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