Saturday, February 5, 2011

FUNcube with HDSDR

As stated in the previous post, I now have the FUNcube working as recommended, with "WRplus" and Firmware 18f.

But, I like the "HDSDR" interface better than that provided by "WRplus". I use "HDSDR" for all other SDR projects and products (i.e, SoftRock).

HDSDR provides multiple VFO's (A and B), up to ten notch filters, and can displayed with other desktop windows.

So, while experimenting with FUNcube, I copied the "WRplus" suggested "ExtIO_FCD_GOMJW.dll" into the "HDSDR" program folder, and started the program.

To my pleasant surprise - it WORKED!

Also,  with more digits, "HDSDR" appears to tune the full range of the FUNcube (64 -1700MHz), above the "WRplus" limit of  999MHz. A signal source and more testing is needed.

Note: "HDSDR" and "WRplus" are both spin-offs or modification of the original "Winrad" program.

Unfortuantly via some of my experiments, I have messed-up (or reset) the I/Q balance parameters, therefore currently the decoding is not working very well - I just need to find more doc's to make the adjustments - more information will be posted here.

I still need to figure out how to calibrate the FUNcube LO - the NOAA Weather Station of 162.55MHz is reported 6kHz off frequency - more things to read and learn.

More experimentation is needed with HDSDR and FUNcube to verify they will really play together.

Currently all of my use of HDSDR and FUNcube is on MS Windows XP, my goal is to have all of this working on Ubuntu 10.10 workstation.

- Follow the FUNcube Label Link below to follow ALL of my FUNcube adventures.

I understand the WRplus is no longer available for Free, and older copies have now expired and no longer work.

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  1. expired copies of WRplus complain about it but still work (1.04 vs 1.05). it is for now still free but not libre software.