Tuesday, February 15, 2011

QRSS Beacon

Initial QRSS Project Success

My QRSS Beacon Project is a success (see previous post), it is transmitting FSK on 30m with about 43uW. The onboard K1EL Keyer still needs to be programmed with a Standard Messages, and put into the real Beacon mode - but that will come later. The Keyer works now to send interactive FSK.

QRSS 30m Beacon

The thing that this project adds to my "Family of Marker and Beacons", is message programmability and interactive FSK demo use.

The following capture is from my local QRSS Grabber, the "SEA" message was shorter than my call and was easier to setup for this initial test. SEA is designator for the Seattle Airport. Note: for QRSS each "dit" is sent for 3 seconds - as shown this three letter message is about 50 seconds - but very-very low bandwidth.

The initial Short Term Stability,
and Frequency Shift - Looks Acceptable

The completed demonstration station, with a Key, is as follows. In normal use, the transmitter alone will occupy the inside of a tube, which is used as the center insulator of a 30m Dipole. See the results of my previous experiment.

A 30m FSK Transmitter

The silly (very short) vertical antenna (seen in the close up) provides some coupling and load for demonstrations.


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