Thursday, December 15, 2011

Island of Shells - Cont'd

Ignore this post if you are only interested in Electronic or Ham Radio.

This post is Way-Off-Topic for my blog, but I want to record my observations for others to review.

See/Read the previous post for details.

Photos were taken, Oct 1999, Click on photos for larger view.

I found my photos of the cliff on the island, and have stitched them together. This and the original photos does not do the area justice.

Stitched Photos of Island Cliff
When standing next to the cliff, the layers are more much visible. 

The upper levels show the different shorelines and their collection of shell.

The Top of the Cliff

Layer and Shoreline at Different Levels

This shell was found in the
lowest level, it is not broken

Other Interesting Shells are
Found at The Base of the Cliff

On the Right,
The End of the Oldest Layer Exposed

Anchored Just Off Shore

Now - Back to Ham Radio.


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