Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Goto E-Tools

The following are the e-Tools that I most often use.

There are many reasons why each e-Tool was selected, too many to list here. I know a few of the tools have their (own) problems, but in my opinion, they are the best e-Tool for their function that I have found.

  • Gmail - My e-mail client.
  • Google Voice - Manages my contacts and forwards calls and voice-mail to my current cell phone (I do not have a normal land line phone).
  • Blogspot - Used for all of My Blogs.
  • Google+ - Still learning and playing with this.
  • Dropbox - This is the most recent and BEST addition to my e-Tool belt. It is a place in the cloud for storing ALL of my projects, files are shared and sync'd to all of my other computers and cell phone. It is as easy to use as any normal file system directory. Most of my other e-Tools use this space in one way or another.
  • Google Chromium - Web Browser of choice.
  • DipTrace - Circuit Capture and PCB Layout.
  • Simsmith - Electronic Filter Design with Smith Chart Graphics.
  • Inkscape - General Drawing Program.
  • Gimp - Photoshop style photo manipulation.
  • Picasa - Photo storage, mostly used for online photo storage, for photos used within my blogs. I am still waiting for Picasa to provide a real directory structure before committing many other photos. For now, Dropbox provides the desired (normal directory) function.
  • Google Sketchup - For 3D Models.
  • Google Docs - A place to save my text documents and for collaboration.
  • Google Reader - News Reader.
  • Arduino IDE - Software Development for micros.
  • WINE - Under Ubuntu (my OS of choice) WINE provides an environment to execute the few MS programs that I use. Unfortunately, WINE does support MS dotnet 4.0 yet.

OK, I admit it, . . . I use a lot of Google products.


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