Friday, December 30, 2011

Propeller on 30m QRSS

As I expected, the Propeller PLL Synthesizer Phase Jitter Shows up on QRSS (see previous post). The received signal appears "fuzzy".

In the next few weeks I will continue the experiments to see if there are modes or functions that will help reduce the annoyance to an acceptable level or irrelevancy.
30m QRSS
The top signal is my QRSS "WA"  (for Washington State) and an unseen CW ID. The lower received signal is from "NM7J" (200mw) in Las Vegas, at 905.1 miles.

Note: my "A" is not a true "A", it is an open "A" without a cross bar (it was quick and easier to program).

To receive the above, I am using; a Homebrew 30m Vertical at 0 AGL, Ensemble RX, WinRAD, and Spectran, connected via Virtual Audio Cable (VAC).

I am still using only short wires for the antenna, as I have not built the necessary low pass filter for connection to a real antenna.


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