Friday, March 16, 2012

Measured Success

After installing the Homebrew PCB with the 10MHz TCVCXO Frequency Standard Clock on the Propeller, I finally got it connected to an Antenna as a WSPR, QRSS and OPERA 200mW Beacon.

The results are amazing, the Frequency is measure as very Stable and the Frequency is measured to be as set.  The reporting site, and measurement that I trust the most is W1BW (Operated from ARRL HQ);  they report Zero Hertz Drift and at the desired frequency of 10.140210MHz - exactly as I have programmed the Beacon.

Note: Not only does the TCVCXO provide for a stable and accurate RF frequency, but it also provide accurate scheduling for the Beacons. WSPR requires scheduled transmittion on two minute boundaries, starting the actual beacon two seconds (+/-1) past the minute. This Propeller Beacon is on-time, every time :-).

Also, the three beacons run in quick succession, that is: WSPR starts on a two minute boundry (runs for 2 min), followed by QRSS on the top of the next minute (runs for about 3 min), followed by OPERA on the next minute (runs for about 2.2 min). Then all repeats 10 minutes later. The 10 minute schedule allows the QRSS beacon to be displayed at the same place within the 10 minute remote Grabber captures.

I am receiving many reports (spots) from around the US, no DX yet, but the night is young.
My WSPR on the Map
Note: the W1BW report (at 3939 km) in the following list (click to view).
My WSPR Spots - as Reported by
Also, the following was reported by the KK7CC Grabber, note the frequency scale, which is out side of the normal QRSS Subband, I had to pick a frequency to allow my signal to show up on his Grabber. I picked 10.139930MHz, KK7CC reports the same !

My signal is the lower trace with Propeller graphic and my Call in slash code.

My QRSS on KK7CC Grabber - Las Vegas

I am a Very Happy Camper !!   :-)

New DX report at 7049km with only 200mW:

 2012-03-17 03:54  WA0UWH  10.140204  -24  -1  CN88xc  0.2  WA2YUN  RK39hh  7049  270

And, Two more:

2012-03-17 10:04  WA0UWH  10.140208  -14  0  CN88xc  0.2  VKFRG  QF44np  12766  244 
 2012-03-17 10:04  WA0UWH  10.140199  -26  0  CN88xc  0.2  VK4TMH  QG56fj  11758  252


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