Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mike and Key Swap Meet - 2012

Yesterday, we spent the day at the Mike & Key Swap Meet. As usual there was a large crowd on the two floors of the Puyallup Fairgrounds facility. I got to chat with many friends and enjoyed reminiscing of old projects and now outdated gear of previous desires.
Mike and Key 2012
As always, I enjoy the collection of tuning coils and capacitors.

Coils for my QRP Rig?

Caps and Coils

Older hand crafted projects still, starts me thinking. Here is a very well crafted Crystal Radio Set. I am not sure it was actually hand crafted, but it is very well done.
Crystal Radio Set
The Beauty of the Coil is Stunning
The Cat Whisker and Mount are of  Boyhood Desires
A nice displayed collections of anything, always catches my eye, in this case a large collection of coax switches.
Coax Switch Collection
This year, my only purchase was, . . .  a box of Girl Scout Cookies, but who can pass them up !?

When I got home, a new postal package had arived, and that will be the topic of the next post.


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