Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My 30m QRSS Grabber is Back Online

Finally, my 30m QRSS Grabber is back online. It has been off for about three years, lacking the bits and pieces that make it all work easily (and maybe my lack of trying :-(

My QRSS Grabber URL is at:

A link to the Grabber is provided on the right of my blog.

If you do not know what QRSS is all about, check out:


Several things all had to come together for me to attempt to re-establish my Web 30m QRSS Grabber.
  • I recently learned; for a donation QSL.NET is providing web space to Amateurs for Ham Radio related topics (this may be old news to some, but not to me).
  • A new ARGO program is being beta tested and copies available for use. A new capability included an FTP client for capture transfer to a server.  A beta copy can be downloaded from here.
Establishing an online QRSS Grabber has never been easier.
  1. Establish an QSL.NET Web and FTP account (takes a few days)
  2. Build a few simple web pages
  3. Run ARGO, schedule a grab and transfer to your QSL.NET account
  4. Publish your web page, Let the QRSS Compendium Owner know your URL, GRID and capt file name.
  5. Set back and watch the fun
Note: I understand that with a little more difficulty, a Grabber can be established using the Spectrum Lab Program ( I just have not yet found all of the needed magic).

So, now anytime I am not activity Transmitting, I will be providing a Northwest QRSS Capture Service for the MEPT QRSS Knights.

Join the QRSS Knights, and have some fun, if you have spare receiver time available.

( Hopefully, this time my grabber will be up more, than down ;-)

Jeff - KO7M took up the challenge, and has put up his own KO7M Grabber, the more the better.


Due to the new Beta ARGO getting lost while attempting to transfer grabs to QSL.NET my QRSS Grabber is DOWN, again! More investigations is needed to proceed. While testing, the Grabber will be up, but mostly down.


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  1. Hi Eldon,

    Have you had any issues with the newest Argo program? The time "ticks" on mine seem to stop appearing after about 20 hours or so, and then the capture feature doesn't work any more. I must say I am jealous of the reception you have with your grabber. The 50 foot dipole I have stuffed in my townhouse attic is nowhere near as efficient as your antenna.