Thursday, September 11, 2014

Minima - Smaller Bandpass Filter

OK, ok, . . . I have NOT finished my Minima Audio Modules yet,  . . . What am I doing designing another RF circuit?

Well, I like RF circuits, and not so much for Audio Circuits. As I have stated before, the audio Capacitors are too big for my liking and building interests.

This new RF circuit is a Trial Bandpass Filter using very-VERY small crystals (2x2.5mm). I know, small SMT crystals may not perform well as a Bandpass Filter, but I could not pass up the chance to experiment with them.

My first Minima Bandpass Filter is 1x2 inches (2 sq inches).

My Original Minima Bandpass Filter Module
The new Filter will only be 0.8x1 inches (0.8 sq inch).
New Smaller Bandpass Filter
About 2.5 times smaller than the Original
The boards are on order from, three boards will only be $4.00.

I am not sure this will work well for the Minima Bandpass Filter, but it will be a fun experiment and, I really enjoy small projects.

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