Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching Up with Ham Radio

The last few days I have been very busy with tedious non-Ham Radio activitives, on this short break from that, I will dump what is in my head.

I put together an external Audio Isolation Transformer for my 30m Grabber Direct Conversion Receiver.  This should remove the 60 and 120Hz hum-bars as displayed on the 30m Grabber. The transformer is not exactly a 600 Ohm Audio transformer, but it will work for now.

I also put in a Stereo Jack with the correct wiring so that I can now do away with the previously used adaptor. I made the mistake when building the receiver by not installing a stereo jack in the first place.

The temporary fix if ready, it works on my bench, now all have to do is find time to goto the receiver site and plug it in.

Also, I was reading Joachim's blog, where he describes the DCTL (Distributed Capacitance Twisted Loop) antenna - it is recommended reading.  I like loop antennas!, with my new understanding of the DCTL, I may try it.


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