Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Weather in Seattle

In 32 years living near Seattle, I have never seen it this cold! - For the last few weeks the night time temp has be around 10F with daytime temps about 20F. Normally we get two weeks of cool but nice clear weather in November, but now it is very clear and very cold. One night I measure 7F.

I have often told newcomers to Seattle, that we normally get 4 inches of snow (some years) and the mud puddles will freeze maybe once each winter - so far this is a very unusual year. Note: last year we got 29 inches snow, measured on my picnic table (the table in my photo with my dog Tess)

The ground has frozen and has heaved in large patches, my whole gravel drive way has heaved and now has ditches along the edges where none were before. We have had heaving before, with 2 inch sharp spears of ice crystals, pushing up through the surface, but this time the whole ground has heaved as one solid mass.

The covered porch/drive slab of concrete in front of my Shop had moved up enough that my shop man-door will not open. The slab is about 8 inches think in that area and I would have not thought that ice would have formed under it. The door is about 24 feet under the cover area.

In the main shop high bay area, I have the remains of my "ET Phone Home" QRSS Transmitter timer mechanism which is a 4 foot x 6 inch tube full of water which is now ice - now froze solid! pushing up it cover. It is located about 16 feet inside the shop.

The weather man says that it should start warming up soon, I sure hope so!

I am thinking I could use some of that "Global Warming" right now.


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