Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 2009 - pQRP P&C

Last night I went to our monthly Puget Sound QRP (pQRP) P&C (pie and coffee) meeting.

For the event the group decided to do a White Elephant Gift Exchange, supposedly giving something from our junk box. I checked my junk boxes for an appropriate gift to take - it was something that I would have liked to have received, and wraped it for the exchange.

At the meeting and after dinner, I was one of the last to pick a gift from the gift pile, I selected a small package and was surprised. It was a Soft Rock 40 Kit (a receiver) - Very nice gift from someone that has an very impressive junk box. But, sad to say, in keeping with the rules of the White Elephant Gift Exchange, my Soft Rock Kit was taken by Alan K6ZY (the next in line to pick a gift), Dang!  ;-(

OK, as per the rules, I had to pick another gift, again I picked a small gift and to my surprise, it was a TAK-40 Kit  (a Transceiver, parts and boards). Again, some of the guys at the meeting must have very impressive junk boxes.  Yet, not knowing exactly what a "TAK-40" was, after the meeting and at home, I spent several hours on the web reading and learning all that I could about it.  Sometime early the next morning I got to sleep.

Well, I am thankful to who ever provided the Gift, I will put it to very good use, I may even spend some time increasing my code speed  - Thanks.

  • After reading much more on the web, The TAK-40 looks like it is going to be a bit of a project, to find; construction details, modification details, and all sorts of information to ingest and digest.


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