Sunday, April 25, 2010

5000 SMT Resistors Received

My order of 0603 SMT Resistors was just received - 15 days after order and I will NOT complain, because getting the little package from China was almost as much fun as getting a coveted DX QSL.

The package of 5000 count 0603 SMT Resistors cost me only $10.00 with shipping paid. The package has postage of 18.00 (of some currency) which I suspect is about $2.50 US.  That is a lot of Resistors for the price.

The return address was all in Chinese except the words "Guangdong Province, CHINA", and what looks like a routing sticker - has the words "PAR AVION" which I think maybe says "Air Mail".

Along with the Resistor, they sent a very nice note, thanking me for the order and sent along two interesting small Bead String "Chinese Style Gifts with the meaning of 'Blessing You' ". When was the last time your part supplier sent you a gift? I will add a photo of the Gifts to this blog when I have time.

The parts arrived in sorted-value labelled small bags - while holding the bags up together, the content looks like a little kids collection of silvery beach sand - the components are not on tape.

My plan is to find a divided plastic box to hold the small plastic bags - I do not think letting the resistors out of their bags directly into the divisions would be a good idea.

I do not think I have every had 5000 5% resistors before, especially in such a small space, they will very nicely complement my 0805 SMT Capacitor Kit.

Now all I have to do is "Finish Moving" and set up my Shop enough that I can start on some over due fun projects.



  1. I buy a lot of stuff from Hong Kong and China and I agree it is worth the wait. Often the packages come with some pretty stamps on them too.

  2. I just got some more stuff from China, I enjoy the stamps as much as the items inside!

    Eldon - WA0UWH